Refund Policy:

This is the return and refund policy for Please take your time and carefully read everything. Within five days of placing your order, you may request a refund if you are dissatisfied with any service provided by In the event that the requested services are not available, a prorated refund will be carried out. Both parties will be deemed satisfied with the provided order if no refund request is received within five days of your purchase being delivered. If the refund request is submitted promptly after payment and within five days.

1- A percentage-based compensation will be granted in the event that a service or product development project has already begun.

2- Within 30 days of the service's purchase, the refund is given.

3- Any fees for expedited services are not refundable. Additionally, rush orders and changes made within 24 hours are not refundable.

Claim for refund?

To increase the likelihood that your refund request will be granted, kindly fulfil the following conditions:

1- You can email us at if you want to lodge a claim.

2- Either we will give you an email from our refund department approving your refund request or we will try to fix your issues as soon as possible in accordance with our return policy.

3- You will be required to stop using all of services.

Policy For careless clients:

Although the client can email us to suspend the project if there is a personal issue if the client is careless for 45 days, we will not entertain or refund any orders. After 45 days, the process must be restarted for $150 by the client.