At, privacy and anonymity are paramount to our services. We gather data from our customers, but it only serves as part of our official records and is only kept track of and used to enhance our offerings. We are in charge of protecting our customers' private information in our database, and we never rent or sell the data they give us online. This privacy statement provides clear explanations of why we gather information from our clients and how we utilise that information.

Information needs to secure:

At, we also collect the clients' first and last names, email addresses, mailing addresses, and phone numbers. When signing up for a work contract with us or joining our mailing list, the client gives us this collection of information. If you offer us feedback or inquiries using our contact form, we might use your email or postal address to respond. Here, we make it crystal clear that we may only use email addresses with our clients' consent for marketing campaigns. Our internal sales team monitors the services that have in the past attracted the interest of our clients as well as their online transactions.

Usage of secured data:

As said before, we do not sell or rent the information about our customers, although we might use it to process orders and get an order confirmation. To find out more about the order they placed on our website, our customer service representatives can get in touch with them via phone, email, or mail. Customers who are very important to us may receive email newsletters, updates, and promotional service offers. Our customer database is connected to our marketing automation tools, and we may utilise the data to alter and enhance the user experience and purchasing process on our website.

Opt-out in newsletter:

With regard to the usage of personal data, we provide our clients total control. To opt out of receiving our emails, newsletters, or promotional emails as a client, simply unsubscribe from our newsletters and promotional interactive emails.

Sharing of the third party:

Unless otherwise specified in this policy, we never disclose the personal information of our clients to outside parties. In no event do we sell your personal information to third parties. Our payment gateway is linked with credit card processing companies to bill you for services. For any other purpose, these companies do not retain, distribute, or store any personally identifying data about their clients. To offer live chat help to our customers, we employ a live chat service on our website. Your personal information may only be used by these businesses if doing so will improve our services.

Personal information`s security concerns:

We employ Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software to encrypt all data transfers in order to protect the privacy of our clients. It encrypts the data that the client provides before sending it. We utilise industry-standard security measures to safeguard the personal data that is given to us, both during transmission and after. But it's important to remember that no method of Internet data transmission or storage is 100 percent secure. Therefore, while we make an effort to safeguard your personal information using industry-acceptable practices, we cannot ensure its complete security.

Please email us at if you have any concerns regarding the security of our websites.

Resignation to account access:

On our website, users can register for an account and log in to access their registered accounts. After logging in, users can review the settings for their accounts and any earlier data they may have provided to the website when setting up their accounts. Only after they are logged into their accounts can customers modify their information by selecting the my account option.

Modification in accounts:

Customers who choose to deactivate their accounts on our website must send us an email asking for the deletion of both their accounts and their personal data. This indicates that the user won't get any emails from us, newsletters, or marketing material. When an account is deleted, we won't maintain any information about it. This implies that in order to provide you with the services you've ordered on our website, we'll keep your information as long as your account is valid. Until your account is active, we may use your information to meet our legal obligations, settle disputes, and enforce our agreements.

The usage of cookies:

A cookie is a little bit of alphanumeric information that is sent to and saved on the storage of your browsing device and has a unique identifier. Each website may send its own cookie to your browser if your browser's parameters permit it, but (to protect your privacy) your browser only permits a website to access the cookies it has already given you, not the cookies supplied to you by other websites. Every time a user visits their website, several websites perform this in order to track internet traffic patterns. Cookies let us customise the website to your tastes by storing information about your online habits. Users can set up their devices to accept all cookies, get alerts when new cookies are delivered, or at any point decline to receive cookies. As a result, the user might not be able to access some tailored services, and you might not be able to fully utilise all of the features offered by the online royal websites. Second, we monitor your IP address to help us manage website performance and track down server issues. In order to gather general demographic data about you, such as your location and Internet service provider, we track your IP address. We may also gather generalised information about how visitors utilise the website. This can contain data on the patterns of site visitors and their search terms. IP addresses and log file information are not connected to personally identifiable information. Third, we track your browser type, access time, the URLs you came from to access our site, and the URLs you visited while there using cookies. Except as expressly specified in this Privacy Policy, we do not disclose this information to other parties. This privacy statement does not address how our partners, affiliates, tracking utility suppliers, and service providers utilise cookies. Although we have no access to or control over how they utilise cookies, we are aware that our dependable partners, affiliates, tracking utilities, and service providers use session ID cookies to facilitate your use of our website.

Transparent Gifs:

We use a software technique known as Clear Gifs or Web Beacons/Web Bugs to analyse and maintain the effectiveness of the content on our site. It reveals how effectively a piece of content produces results. Clear Gifs are used to trace a user's online activities just like cookies. Cookies are stored on the visitor's hard drive; clear gifs are not. These are tiny images that are covertly injected into web sites and are about the size of a dot. Most importantly, the information gathered using clear gifs is not connected to personally identifiable information (PII) about our clients.

Links of other websites:

There are connections on our website to other websites whose privacy practices may be different from ours. These website's privacy rules apply to your information if you give them any personal information. We advise that you carefully read the privacy statement of any website that you access through our website.

Notifications of any modification in privacy policy:

Keeping our clients informed of any privacy policy changes is something we feel is our responsibility. To ensure that every customer is informed of the choices we make regarding customer information and confidentiality, we will amend our privacy policy and notify all parties. Please note that we reserve the right to modify this privacy policy at any time so check back often. We will let you know here, by email, or with a notice on our home page before any significant changes to this policy take effect.

Legal Disclaimer:

We retain the right to disclose your personal information for your identity compelled by law and only when necessary to do so in order to protect our rights and/or to satisfy a court order, subpoena or other legal process delivered through our website.


This privacy statement goes into great detail to clarify everything. Please email us at if you have any more questions or issues regarding our privacy practices or how we use your information.